For Kids

Working on a project for school? Just curious to learn more about KA Holt?


  1. Kari Anne was born in Atlanta, Georgia on September 10th, 19somethingsomething.
  2. When she was 13, Kari Anne accidentally stomped through a gerbil cage, resulting in five stitches on her calf. You can still see the zigzag scar.
  3. When she was young, her favorite author was Paula Danziger, followed closely by Lois Lowry.
  4. Kari Anne’s favorite food is almost always a taco, but there are times when a cheeseburger wins.
  5. She has synesthesia, which means she sees letters and numbers as colors, and she sometimes mixes up other senses, too. (Examples: the letter C is orange, the number one is icy white)

Learn more about KA Holt’s books, her writing process, and other stuff by visiting her YouTube Channel.

Learn more about KA Holt’s ability to embarrass her children (and herself) (and her dog) by finding her on TikTok (@kaholt).