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So you want to bring an author to your school. Awesome! Here are a few presentations I offer.

Custom workshop
I will work with you to craft a presentation that fits in the current poetry or language arts curriculum.

Poetry is Never Boring
In this presentation, I highlight the most popular questions kids often ask about writing and about me. I discuss how I used poetry to write Rhyme Schemer, House Arrest, and Knockout, and then I have the students create blackout poetry (poetry that’s created by marking through or circling words on a page printed from a book, magazine, or newspaper). The students can share their poetry, if they want, and then we end with a Q&A.

Writing and Revising: Super Fun Times. (No, really!)
This presentation includes a slide show that highlights the most popular questions students often ask about writing and about me. I also talk about the revision process, and bring piles and piles of revisions from my books. Students get to see early versions and marked up pages of my books, while learning that revising is one of the most important aspects of creative writing (and that it can actually be really fun).

Who can write haiku? You can write haiku! (This is great for elementary students)
In this workshop, I reads aloud from BRAINS FOR LUNCH (a zombie novel in haiku?!) and discuss with the students what a haiku is and how it is structured. I talk briefly about the history of haiku and how, traditionally, the small poems are written about nature. Then we discuss how every writer can bring his or her own feelings into poetry – and if those feelings are about zombies and chupacabras then that is completely OK. The students are given a chance to compose and share their own zombie (or non-zombie) haiku.

Skype visits
If you’re part of a book group or a classroom and everyone has read one of my books, I offer a free 20-minute Skype Q&A to chat about the books. If you’d like something more detailed, I offer a longer presentation with a detailed Q&A, as well.


Please contact Sarah Azibo ( to book school presentations.


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