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Looking for a keynote speaker to get your audience excited about literacy, or books, or poetry, or EVERYTHING? I can do that! Here are some keynote speeches I offer, and, of course, I’m happy to tailor a presentation to your specific needs.

Literacy and poetry
A discussion of how reluctant readers and novels-in-verse are a surprising and beautiful match.

Books have no gender
This is a discussion about mindfulness when presenting books to children, and trying not to influence their opinions and mindsets with our own. It’s often difficult to recognize within ourselves a propensity to lean towards the status quo, or to fall in line with societal expectations, but what happens when we’re cognizant enough to push through “boy books” and “girl books” and just offer… books?

Everyone can be a poet – Incorporating poetic devices into prose writing (adult workshop)
This is a writing workshop (can also be a presentation) that discusses how to make your writing really stand out. What are ways other authors have incorporated poetic devices into their work to wow their readers? When you think of Cormac McCarthy, Rainbow Rowell, Robert Galbraith, Katharine Applegate, you think of great writing, but why is their writing so great? We delve into examples of poetic devices that are hidden within some of our favorite novels, and (if this is a workshop) take some time to see what we can do with our work.

I will work with you to tailor a discussion/presentation/workshop that is perfect for your group.

Please contact Sarah Azibo (saraha@thebookingbiz.com) for more information, rates, and to book your date. 

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